Comenius project 2013 - 2015 - Multilateral Partenrship; France, Germany, Danmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, Great Britain, Cyprus



Games without frontiers, another way of learning

mapa zemi projektuChildren come from different parts of Europe: France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland, England, Italy, Cyprus and Germany. There are many different types of schools within the partnership (public, private, big and small) from various economical and social backgrounds.

Due to games been a common language in all countries there will be no frontiers and this is the reason for our starting point. Games are fundamental element of all children’s development. We want them to be the essential part of our project.

The project is designed to bring the idea of European community into our classrooms, to support the learning in the curriculum and develop the communication skills of our children through playing traditional and educational games as another way of learning.
The various types and the effectiveness of games used in our schools will be shared as the project develops providing a bank of resources to support the pedagogy throughout the schools.
We will give the children the opportunity to describe, discuss, compare the rules and rights and accept them.
We will use games as a catalyst in order to improve cooperation of the nine member countries.

Pupils (age 4-13) will be taught:
-acceptance of rules and rights to support them becoming more responsible citizens.
-connections to the history of toys and games in their own countries.

-connections through generations with support from grandparents been invited to participate.
-similarities and differences of games in schools around Europe.

Teachers will develop:
-teaching methods and approaches through sharing ideas with partners
-a bank of teaching resources to enhance the learning of pupils in different European schools.

LLPmalyThis project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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